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The Inspiration

Inspired by the brilliant strength and spirit we all have within us!

I created my brand as a testament that when we rise up again, we rise up strong. And the jewelry we wear should be a reflection, honor, and tribute to our own inner journey.

Over the years, my life took several spiritual turns, and it seemed that every time I beat one challenge, the Universe had another journey waiting for me. It certainly took a lot of faith, a lot of moving forward, but I’m human, and there were times where I fell victim to the darkness.

Through those tough times, one thing that I could control was the jewelry I wore. I often chose pieces with inspiring words, or crystal stones. When I was feeling caught up in the day’s whirlwind, I’d look down at the necklace I wore, and remember the symbolism behind it: that I am a Warrior, and nothing could defeat me.

And that’s what I want to pass on to you. When you are faced with your latest wave of life, I want you to remember your own inner strength. You got you this far, and you can keep going. You actually have no choice! The only way we can overcome our battles is to keep moving through them to the other side. For that, every piece of jewelry from Lady Warrior Jewelry can serve as a mantra, inspiration, and reminder of your own inner power.


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